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Developed in consultation with professional nutritionists. At Orion’s Choice extensive research went into the formulation of our product. The 424 page Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats published by the National Research Council (part of the National Academy of Sciences) was the basis of our research. We include only the finest ingredients that will benefit your canine companion and leave out the marketing hype!

Chicken meal is the first ingredient. Don’t be fooled by “premium” foods offering chicken (or lamb) as the first ingredient. Those ingredients are mostly water and meat will no longer be the primary ingredient after cooking. Chicken meal already has the water removed, so meat remains the primary ingredient in Orion’s Choice.

We guarantee every bag. If at any time you and your dog are not happy with any product we sell we will buy back the unused portion.

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Premium quality dog food need not be expensive. Some dog food today costs over $2 per lb. Many advertise no grain and very high protein levels which are not beneficial to dogs and may even be harmful (more on this later)! At Orion’s Choice, we provide your dog with only the finest ingredients and top quality nutrition that can be fully utilized.

At Orion’s Choice, the first ingredient you will see in the dog foods we sell is a named meat meal such as chicken meal.  We include this in an amount that provides the proper level of protein to your dog. Many dog foods advertise “fresh chicken” as the first ingredient. However, ingredients are listed by weight on dog food labels prior to processing.  Well, “fresh chicken” is 60-70% water which is removed during the cooking and drying process during dog food production.  So even if “fresh chicken” is listed as the first ingredient, once the water is removed it may drop to fifth or sixth by weight. Chicken meal (as well as other meat meals) has already had its water content removed prior to the processing of the food.  All Orion’s Choice dog foods truly have meat as their primary ingredient.

Orion’s Choice does not offer any grain-free dog foods as we do not believe they offer the best nutrition for your dog.  Many grain-free dog foods are too high in protein and can actually cause more harm than good. Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores, and have difficulty utilizing protein levels in the 35%-45% range.  This can cause kidney problems as the dogs have to excrete the protein that they cannot use. Further, many grain-free dogs foods contain excessive amounts of legumes (peas, etc.) that may be causing heart problems in dogs which is an area of ongoing study. Grains, when cooked, are a very valuable source of nutrition for dogs. Orion’s Choice uses sorghum, which is a gluten-free ancient grain that is highly digestible by your canine companion.

We believe Orion’s Choice dog foods are the finest quality at a reasonable price.  We have included only those premium ingredients which will benefit your canine companion.  However, you and your dog will be the final judge.  If at any time you are not satisfied with our dog food, please let us know and we will refund your money for the unused portion of our product.

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